Hell NO! Under the Sign of the Sun ! english

nov. 08

Hell NO! Under the Sign of the Sun ! english

Dear friends,
After a short pause of wandering, introspection and recovery, I decided to keep going further this way, with this passion that brings me so much happiness. Like a meteor, I come, go, and come back –only that this time it is forever. As “Game Over” was a page of a life story, so it is with “Under the Sign of the Sun”.
That which does not kill you, makes you stronger, and a kick in the ass is a step forward. After the Moon sets, the Sun inevitably rises; the Sun always rises. However, there are some that fail to see it ever again. The way you use to get through the night, if you ever find it, makes the difference; and you will surely succeed if there is someone to be your light and a candle, in the meandering night; someone that in the dawn of the new day will get
you out of your bed sheets and outside will make you sit on the beach of your life and show you the rising Sun. There are some people, like myself, lucky enough to have those guardians overnight, and reach their sea to watch the sunrise, so beautiful, so warm, so strong. I watched it and I took from it all the light and heat.
From the bottom of my heart a big thanks to the ones who stood over me in the meandering night, without names – they know themselves.
Good wine is even better if you share it with real friends, with beautiful people; and I share this glass with you. And I share this glass with my soul that deserves the best and now enjoys the heat of the Sun.
Nietzsche said that if you look deep into the abyss, then the abyss will look deep into you. It may sound scary but somehow the inner light is the one that makes the difference. After taking all the light and heat from the Sun, you get up and stand tall, with a dignified look, it’s life, happiness, honor that shine in your eyes. Being like this is how I dared to look deeper into the abyss and I saw terrible monsters and they looked deep into me and went blind because they saw the light, felt the heat, because horses do not die just because the dogs want so! (this is a Romanian saying and it is a word by word translation, the horses won’t choose to die just because the dogs want it)
Therefore, let’s enjoy life and what it offers to us, to enjoy our family, our friends and all they offer; to enjoy ourselves, our passions and of all image1accomplishments as we deserve them. Let us all enjoy the Sun and savor it.

Sun 2009 from Vinarte – my soul cellar–a delicious wine, a delight to all senses. Still the best Cabernet Sauvignon from Romania (at least for me), every bottle confirms the care and attention of the winemaker, Iustin Urucu, for his creation and his clients.
For maximum pleasure, give it air, let it breathe properly and as you need air to be alive, breathe deeply and move forward. Time spent in the decanter will relax it enough to offer you its best, it will make it want to tell you its story –all that it is left for you it is to discover it .
Enjoy it with someone you care about, a good friend or someone you love. Do not be selfish and share opinions of smells of berries, licorice, tobacco, ink, eucalyptus and chocolate. Do not rush to drink it, you have all the time in the world at your disposal, inhale this wonderful scent. Finally, I do not resist the temptation to sip a little.
Mmmm, so much softness, what a body, what a balanced taste, and such ripe tannins. As the sun warms us with its rays, in the same way the Sun pampers us with its taste. It seems it has a little of everything: something spicy, something sweet, fruits, a little earthy – because it is rooted from earth. A walk through a herd, a drop of coffee, something mineral; what can be more than a true stroll through paradise.

See you…

P.S. Dream as if you’ll live forever, but live as if you might die today; what matters is not the years in your life but the life in your years.


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